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Exceptional REGIONAL brands are our biggest asset

As one of the leading beer nations in the world, German breweries produce an unparalleled variety of beer. The coming together of brewing tradition, world-class innovation, and finest ingredients has earned us this reputation

The Radeberger Gruppe is Germany’s biggest brewing group. Our commitment to brewing heritage and regional, high quality brews is best shown in our wide portfolio. No matter which beer style you prefer, we have a brew that is right for you. Our portfolio also includes award-winning Non-Alcoholic beers like you’ve never tasted before.

Our portfolio and extensive marketing expertise has enabled us to bring German beer culture to many corners around the world. There’s only one thing left to do: Prost!

Explore our unique brands below.


DAB was one of the first modern beers ever. At home in the beer region Dortmund - once the Second most important beer city in the world - DAB has perfected their craft. With a large portfolio of different beer styles, DAB is a popular choice amongst beer lovers on all continents across the planet. Check out the brand’s incredible history on www.dab-beer.com.

Clausthaler Non-Alcoholic

Clausthaler is the inventor of Non-Alcoholic beers. Invented at a time when no one even thought about N/A beer, Clausthaler went against all odds and found N/A friends all over the world. Today, it’s one of the leading Non-Alcoholic beer brands in the world with a wide range of excellent Non-Alcoholic brews. Find out more on www.clausthaler.com.

Schöfferhofer Grapefruit

The world’s first Hefeweizen Grapefruit mix beer has turned heads all over the world. The sparkling combination of 50% perfectly crafted German Hefeweizen and 50% Grapefruit drink with natural Grapefruit juice is the ultimate, unique, and refreshing taste experience. Check www.schoefferhofer.com for more.

Radeberger Pilsner

We don’t think there’s a brand out there that has more stories to tell than Radeberger Pilsner. Founded in 1872, Radeberger invented German Pilsner culture and is home in the best houses across the world. Truly the Gold Standard, Radeberger Pilsner’s unique taste has proven itself for nearly 150 years. Visit www.radeberger.com for more.

Schöfferhofer Hefeweizen

Schöfferhofer Hefeweizen is the definition of a rule breaker. The first wheat beer brewed outside of Bavaria, Schöfferhofer has put a modern twist on an otherwise traditional and regional beer segment. Beer lovers all around the world have come to appreciate Schöfferhofer. Check www.schoefferhofer.com for more!


You wouldn’t necessarily think Craft beer when you think about German beer culture. That’s exactly what the brewmasters at Braufactum thought when they traveled the world and combined traditional brewing techniques and unique ingredients. The result: a portfolio of craft beer, made in Germany. Visit www.braufactum.com for more.


When you think about Northern Germany, you think about rugged coastlines and windy beaches. Jever has been brewed in the same town since 1848. Known for its extra bitterness, Jever has found a way to combine decade old tradition and modern tastes. Visit jever-beer.com for more.

Berliner Pilsner

Berlin, du bist so wunderbar. Well, that’s for sure… Berliner Pilsner was born to give the German capital the ‚home‘ beer it so deserves. Founded in 1902, the Red bear on our label has not only made its way into many bars in Berlin, but also far, far around the world. Check www.berliner-pilsner.com for more.

Berliner Kindl

Originally founded by a couple of friends who wanted to brew beer, the Berliner Kindl brewery is a true Berlin icon. The most sought-after brew in former West Berlin, this brewery is ingrained in the city’s DNA. To prove our point: today, Berliner Kindl is the biggest beer brand in Berlin.

Allgäuer Büble Bier

Allgäuer Büble is what happens when you combine Bavarian brewing craftsmanship, fresh mountain air, and the finest ingredients. Büble has become an important part of Bavarian beer culture - not just a staple at the Oktoberfest. The brand has so many stories to tell.


Henninger is a Frankfurt original. Quite literally a part of the Frankfurt skyline, Henninger has been a local household name since its founding in 1655. In one form or another, this brewery has survived it all. While popular in Frankfurt, Henninger has found friends across the world.


The truest Kölsch original there is. Dating back to 1318, Sion Kölsch was fundamental in making sure the Kölsch brewing tradition was protected and kept up through thick and thin. Today, Sion Kölsch is a popular choice amongst a growing beer segment worldwide.